About Us

We are IT professionals. We love the variety of the work we do, the different people we meet and the daily challenges.
Problem-solving skills and attention to detail, as well as a breadth of experience in IT are essential to find and deliver the right solutions, in addition to a structured and analytical approach to troubleshooting problems.

Our Values
Customer Focus - providing the right solution for now and the future of your business.
Integrity - ensuring we remain a trusted partner in providing IT services.
Commitment - to the continued success of our clients, exceeding expectations in delivering solutions.
Our Mission
"To be a valued partner in the success and growth of our clients."

We know that the most successful business relationships are built on long term trust.

Our values of customer focus, integrity and commitment are vital components to the long-lasting partnerships we build with our clients.


A typical corporate network with branch office, remote teleworker access, and Cloud hosted services is illustrated below.
Move your mouse over each section of the graphic to see detailed descriptions.

Through strategic partnerships, such as Microsoft Office365 and Google G-Suite, we provide a full complement of cloud services such as hosted email and document sharing. Cloud backup services in addition to your existing on-site backup ensure peace of mind and business continuity at all times. Cloud file sharing services enable greater productivity by allowing easy collaboration between internal and external teams.
We provide full installation of IT infrastructure from cabling to server and PC deployment. We practice proactive maintenance and provide regular maintenance visits to reduce downtime as much as possible. Our helpdesk and remote login facilities improve efficiency and reduce time to resolve issues, with engineers available for on site visits where necessary.
To facilitate teleworking and remote offices, we provide secure remote access systems through VPN tunnels enabling full office server and network access, as well as secure third-party applications like Citrix, Logmein and Teamviewer for smaller networks. For project or transient access by team members in diverse locations, we ensure secure and limited access to only the data required.
A complex array of security solutions are available and we continually test and adapt the combination and configuration of products for servers, PCs, networks, email and Internet protection for our end users. The highest grade of encryption is used to protect sensitive data on laptops, servers and backup drives to protect your data against loss or theft.
Branch office networks are securely connected directly into the main office network through firewalls and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), allowing remote staff to access the same server resources as if they were located at the main office. We can advise on the most cost-effective broadband Internet connections to carry encrypted traffic or arrange for a MPLS or leased line type connection, from a variety of providers and technologies - fibre, fixed wireless etc.
Printer/Scanner/Copier: Networked for sharing, with scanning to desktop or email, and accounting for usage and departmental codes available for those expensive colour prints.
Router/Firewall/VPN Gateway: This device is the gateway to the Internet, rules on the firewall keep hackers out of your network and can be used to allow or block access to specific websites, increasing productivity and protecting against inappropriate content or dangerous downloads, and allowing specific traffic from external sources, like VPN users.
Server: A server is dedicated to tasks such as file sharing, mail, databases etc. Many servers now used are virtual servers which gives scalability and cost effectiveness in employing different types of servers in one organisations. Server backup offerings provides full cover for on-site and remote locations.
Wired/Wireless Networks: Wired & Wireless Networks: The network is where everything links together, even a wireless network needs a wired “backbone”.
Mobile Devices / Laptops: Smartphones and tablets rise in popularity is a continuing trend due to their convenient size and multi-function abilities. We specialise in Wifi and have installed several large wireless networks in hospitality and academic environments.
Desktops: We provide a number of different desktop PC’s, including multi-monitor function, to suit all varying needs and budgets of organisations.
Switch: the heart of the network, providing the physical and logical connections between PCs, servers, printers, routers, and mobile devices using Wifi.
Wired/Wireless Networks: Wired & Wireless Networks: The network is where everything links together, even a wireless network needs a wired “backbone”.
Mobile Devices / Laptops: Smartphones and tablets rise in popularity is a continuing trend due to their convenient size and multi-function abilities. We specialise in Wifi and have installed several large wireless networks in hospitality and academic environments.
Server backup media, fast high-capacity USB drives, which should be regularly exchanged and the spare copies kept in a secure and fireproof location. We also offer cloud / remote backup services even for large storage requirements, as we can seed large quantities of data to the offsite backup server, with daily backups using a smaller amount of bandwidth.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR regulates the privacy and handling of EU citizens’ personal data.
GDPR replaces the existing EU Data Protection Directive, and unifies data protection laws across the EU with a single set of rules.
The GDPR will apply to any organisation that handles any personal data of an EU citizen.

The Process
The 4 key steps in the process of becoming GDPR compliant are
Discover — identify what personal data you have and where it resides.
Manage — govern how personal data is used and accessed.
Protect — establish security controls to prevent, detect, and respond to vulnerabilities and data breaches.
Report — execute on data requests, report data breaches, and keep required documentation.
What is Personal Data?
Any information which can directly or indirectly identify a ‘natural person’, whether it’s to do with their private, professional, or public life. This includes their name, birth date, email address, IP address, bank details, medical information, and more.

Personal Data includes not only customer information, but suppliers and employees too.

We can help
We provide practical and focused guidance to enable your organisation to demonstrate compliance with GDPR. The measures to be taken will be appropriate to the size of the company and the resources available.
Getting Started
Our approach to GDPR is focused on getting clients up and running with the Discovery phase with a clear and simple process to follow. 
Upon completion of the Discovery phase you will have a much clearer idea of the tasks that lie ahead in subsequent steps.
Discover your data
The requirement here is to audit the data you already hold or send to third parties.
This exercise involves every department in your business, with each unit manager having responsibility to identify the data used in that area. Questionnaires or interviews may be an appropriate way to gather information, or holding workshops for key personnel.

Key questions include:
What data do we have?
Why do we have it?
Where is it stored?
How is it used?
Who has access to it?

Our Team - professional, experienced, ready to help

We have a team of engineers with a wide range of experience in the IT industry, with a history of working in the software industry as well as within non-tech companies.

As providers of outsourced IT services to SMEs in various sectors, we have delivered successful projects and solutions across a range of IT functions - from wireless and wired networks to Internet and Cloud services, remote access and inter-office secure communications, as well as all the internal IT requirements of a typical SME.

The company directors have a total of over 70 years diverse IT & communications experience, from banking software consultancy in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia, to the automation of high volume industrial processing, and advertising and communications services to multinational clients.

We have operated our own business for many years and are familiar with the challenges faced by SMEs. Many of our existing clients have retained us as their IT provider since we first started out over 20 years ago.


WAVE IT provides training in Microsoft Office applications with an emphasis on learning what will benefit your work every day. Choose from group, individual, half or full day training sessions in Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote. Choose from a range of modules and create your own course outline to ensure that specific training needs are targeted. We can come to your office or arrange a venue that works for everyone. Start and finish times are flexible, whatever works best!

These are some of our most popular courses:

Take Control of Your Inbox!
In this half day course you will learn how to prevent email from taking over your day. Break the habit of constantly checking your inbox and learn to use the tools in Outlook to manage your workload and reduce work stress.

Building Dashboards in Excel. Build engaging and informative summaries for your data in Excel. Learn how to manage, manipulate, visually present data and create dynamic dashboards in Excel using data analysis and visualisation techniques. In this half day course we cover everything from creating and managing databases and working with pivot tables and pivot charts to building a dynamic dashboard.

Business Reporting with Microsoft Word. Learn how to create professional and engaging business reports in Microsoft Word. In this course, you will learn how to plan and present professional reports with ease. Most users manage quite well with basic knowledge of the tools and features available in Word but there are so many additional features to really make your documents stand out!

We have a selection of Quick Byte courses that make perfect breakfast or lunch learning sessions. Quick Bytes are great for learning about Microsoft Office tools and features that you should be using every day. We can also organise breakfast or lunch and there is no limit to the number attending. Book your largest room!

At WAVE IT, we make learning engaging, relevant and interactive while targeting specific training needs. We support you after training - email or phone us if you have any problems. To get more information about course modules and pricing, email [email protected]
Learn how to get more from your Microsoft Office applications!


logo biopharma
BioPharma Engineering was founded in 2006 with a vision to establish a bespoke engineering design house for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. Today Biopharma Engineering is recognised as a leading Irish engineering design and project management company with 80 in-house design experts in offices in Cork and Dublin, delivering complex projects to 7 of the world's top 10 pharmaceutical companies.

"From the outset Wave IT has played a key role in ensuring the success of Biopharma Engineering by providing technical solutions that met our needs at all stages of the company's growth and development over the last 11 years. The IT function is critical to our business and as our systems have become larger and more complex we have found Wave IT to be responsive and innovative in providing solutions. Their team of engineers have also demonstrated an outstanding commitment to delivering and maintaining our servers and network at times when we need a quick response and an out-of-hours service."

John O'Reilly, Director.
Acme Blinds logo png
Acme Blinds is an Irish owned, family run business manufacturing domestic and commercial blinds. Acme Blinds is one of the largest blind manufacturers in Ireland with over 60 years expertise in the blind industry and an extensive nationwide retail presence, both franchised and independently owned nationwide. A recently acquired UK chain has further expanded the strength and diversity of the business.

“In 2016 and 2017, Wave IT rolled out new Internet connections to over 20 stores in Ireland and the UK to provide direct and secure VPN access to our central database in the company HQ in Cork. This was a key investment for our future as we modernised our business and the systems we used. Wave IT has been our outsourced IT service and support company for more than 10 years and proved more than capable of delivering this new and complex project. Not only have they provided us with a high quality technology infrastructure to build the future of our business on but they proved their ability to adapt to the task at hand and provide the complete IT service.”

Nick Walsh, Managing Director
horizon Logo png
Horizon Energy Group (HEG) is the largest energy price comparison service for SME’s and the largest energy procurement consultancy for Industrial and Commercial business on the island of Ireland. Founded in 2007, the wholly Irish-owned Horizon Energy Group Limited was the first energy broker and third party intermediary working with both the SME and Industrial and Commercial market sectors in Ireland.Servicing in excess of 70,000 sites and managing over €1 billion in energy spend, HEG leads the field in the area of Energy Procurement and Price Risk Management.

“Wave IT has continuously advised and provided HEG with the IT services and solutions required to continue our growth. Our partnership with Wave IT has been critical to ensuring our IT function is suitable for our current needs whilst ensuring there is a clear pathway for its expansion in line with our business growth. Their support is exceptional as their team is always on hand to deal with any issues whilst also being proactive in identifying potential faults and ensuring they do not escalate. An important service for us is a reliable remote access link between our Cork and Dublin offices which is vital to our business’s operation.”

Colin Barry, Managing Director.
cbc png
Christian Brothers College, Cork is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading second level schools. With over 1,000 pupils, it is a large and prestigious institution achieving consistently excellent results both academically and in sport.

"The importance of technology in education is growing year on year. Therefore, a reliable classroom network and wireless facilities, as well as robust hardware and support services are vital to ensure our pupils receive the best education possible. Wave IT has been providing us with these facilities since 2004 enabling us to maintain our position as a leading educational establishment by embracing technology’s new role in education. We cannot provide a first class education without first class facilities and Wave IT play a prominent role ensuring that our IT facilities are up to and above the standard required."

Dr Laurence A. Jordan, Principal
Since opening in 1996, Hayfield Manor 5 Star Hotel has been recognised for providing a high quality product and exceptional service. As a family owned and managed hotel, the personal yet professional service that is delivered has become synonymous with Hayfield Manor and the hotel has received numerous prestigious awards while continuing to be at the forefront of the Irish and international hospitality industry. The Hayfield Family Collection now includes The Malton, Killarney and Killarney Royal hotels.

“Our first priority is our guests and Wave IT’s ability to provide us with a high quality IT function over many years enables us to focus on what is most important to us. We demand a superior service from IT on two fronts, to satisfy our guests’ needs as well as our business needs. From an extremely reliable wireless guest network, meeting room and video conferencing solutions to our own internal business management systems, our hotel requires numerous different services and solutions. Wave IT have consistently delivered on this broad range of requirements ensuring that our business runs smoothly both in the foreground and the background.”

Ettienne Van Vrede, Hayfield Family Collection.
Westboro Partners is a leading provider of financial solutions to individuals, indigenous and multinational organisations across a wide variety of industries for over 30 years. Westboro Partners provides audit, taxation and corporate services as well as advice in the areas of insolvency, forensic accounting, pensions, funding & international operational support.

"In 2016, Westboro merged with another business which also involved integrating two IT systems into one. This was a complex and potentially messy proposition. For the type of business we are in, it was crucial that no data was lost. This was due to the potential reputation damage it would cause to our business as well as the the knock on effects it would have for our own clients. However, WAVE IT took on the task and excelled by ensuring there was a smooth transfer overnight. We were extremely please by the service provided and would highly recommend them."


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